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Creating access to blue spaces

Examining the impacts of focused experiments [WP3]

BlueHealth has investigated how a series of small-scale interventions that aimed to improve access to blue spaces, have affected recreational use, physical activity and mental wellbeing. Experiments have taken place in different environmental and socioeconomic settings in the UK, Spain and Greece.

This research has been led by Mark Nieuwenhuijsen.

Projects in this research area

Virtual realities

The role of virtual environments in healthcare [WP4]

BlueHealth has explored how virtual environments might be used in health and social care settings to boost wellbeing for elderly, vulnerable and infirm populations. Researchers have designed an interactive and mobile virtual reality system and used controlled settings to provide a theoretical basis for the planning of blue spaces in the real world.

This research has been led by Maria Albin.

Landscape & urban planning

Optimised ‘blue infrastructure’ for health [WP5]

The access and use of urban blue spaces is controlled by their design. BlueHealth researchers have assessed the impact of planning practices intended to support the use of blue infrastructure at both a city and local level. They have provided guidance on how to improve access, aesthetic value, and the motivation to visit spaces, whilst minimising risks.

This research has been led by Simon Bell.

Future scenarios

Evaluating the impact of future environmental change [WP6]

BlueHealth has developed scenarios that explore how rapidly changing climates and environments will affect our relationships with urban blue infrastructure. Looking forward to 2050, these scenarios considered impacts on flooding, water quality and urban heat islands, and suggested strategies to help societies adapt.

This research has been led by Susanne Wuijts.

Innovation & engagement

Engaging the public & private sector [WP8]

Public, patient and private sector partnerships are central to the success of BlueHealth. These collaborations have ensured the programme’s research has been informed by real-world issues, also ensuring that commercial applications can put academic findings into practice.

This work has been led by Denis Sarigiannis.

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