This critical review helped us to understand the criteria which make regeneration projects successful in urban blue environments.

The team systematically searched and compiled information from projects that have taken place across the world, using results to inform the design of BlueHealth interventions.

Searching in both respected commercial and academic publications, this project has cast a wide net to identify recent waterfront projects which have delivered benefits to health and wellbeing, and those which have become established features in their local areas, in the last fifteen years.

The review has included a number of blue space types and sizes. It has assessed factors such as public awareness and perception, cultural impact, changes to the accessibility of and interaction with a space, and aesthetic appeal.

Since the use of water depends very much on local climate and seasonality, examples have been gathered from different climatic zones across the world.

Insights from this research investigation have been used to create the upcoming ‘Blue Profiles’ book which will be available soon. Check back for details.