This research project is exploring the health and wellbeing impacts of an urban blue environment in Thessaloniki, Greece.

A significant part of the Thessaloniki Waterfront has recently been renovated and opportunities exist for promoting people to interact with the blue environment.

This study will assess how individuals’ health and wellbeing is affected by spending time during the working day at the city waterfront. They will be compared with a second group who have normal working days with no time to visit the waterfront.

The experiment will be repeated twice at different times of the year to capture seasonal variation and influence by other factors likely to affect health.

It will focus on local residents, office workers, older people and schoolchildren in the downtown area of Thessaloniki. Participants have been recruited through the popular “AUTH on Sundays” campaign, and from environmental groups in the area.

This study is also hoping to make use of metabolomics information, to understand the biochemical pathways that affect the mental and physiological health of participants. Data collection will take place between early December 2017 and late July 2018.

The impact of the intervention will be evaluated using an adaptation of the BlueHealth Survey and SoftGIS. The quality of the environment will be assessed using the BlueSpace Survey, questionnaire data and environmental monitoring data.

Image courtesy of Hombre.