Jekaterina Balicka is a landscape architect, researcher and teacher at the Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU).

In BlueHealth, Jekaterina is mostly contributing to the design and implementation of the community-level interventions, and will collaborate on the development and implementation of the BlueSpace Survey environmental assessment tool and on reviewing existing evidence.

After completing a 5-year university diploma degree in landscape architecture at the Latvia University of Agriculture she obtained an MSc and is now undertaking her PhD at EMU.

As a landscape architect she has worked on projects based at offices in both Riga and Berlin. Her research and professional interests are temporary use of open spaces in Baltic cities, urban landscape analysis and presentation graphics in Landscape Architecture.

Jekaterina was the institutional coordinator for the GreenMan project, dealing with management of green urban spaces. With her colleagues she initiated and participated in the DrainForLife project, which addresses sustainable urban drainage systems in Estonia and Latvia.

Listen to Jekaterina explain some of her BlueHealth research below.