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Website featuring inspiring blue space case studies

BlueHealth researchers from the Estonian University of Life Sciences, have created a unique website featuring an extensive portfolio of blue space case studies.

The Blue Profile’s website will eventually feature 180 case studies from across the world, all focused on the design and construction of urban blue environments like fountains, lakes, rivers, canals, and coastlines. Each case study provides a project summary with information about the specification, design, and construction. You will also find links to relevant resources and information about the lead designers.

These case studies aim to provide inspiration for urban planners and designers, offering real-life examples of how to promote quality blue spaces that can benefit public health and the environment.

Visit the BlueProfiles website here.

With thanks to all researchers who contributed to this website including Simon BellHimansu Sekhar Mishra, Jekaterina Balicka, Joanna Tamar Storie, Anna Wilczińska and Friedrich Kuhlmann.

Example of a blue space in the city of Helsinki, image from Unsplash.