Blue space, health and wellbeing: A narrative overview and synthesis of potential benefits

Available on 24 September 2020

This paper builds on existing frameworks from green space research, to provide a model of how exposure to blue spaces (like rivers, lakes and the coast) may benefit health and wellbeing.

Although green and blue spaces share many commonalities, there are also important differences. Given the breadth of the research, spanning multiple disciplines and research methodologies, this research aimed to highlight different issues and processes rather than provide a definitive balance of evidence summary.

Novel aspects of this BlueHealth framework include the inclusion of outcomes that are only indirectly good for health through being good for the environment, the addition of nature connectedness as both a trait and state, and feedback loops where actions or interventions increase exposure to blue environments.

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Full citation

Mathew P White, Lewis R Elliott, Mireia Gascon, Bethany Roberts, Lora E. Fleming, Blue space, health and well-being: A narrative overview and synthesis of potential benefits, Science Direct: