Urban blue acupuncture: A protocol

Available on 18 May 2020

This publication, available via the Sustainability – Open Access Journal, provides a framework for researchers and stakeholders looking to maximise the health benefits of urban blue infrastructure.

Titled “Urban blue acupuncture: A protocol for evaluating a complex landscape design intervention to improve health and wellbeing in a coastal community”, the review is based on the research strategy and methodology used for the BlueHealth intervention at Teats Hill in Plymouth, UK.

The publication presents the methodology used for the intervention as a reference framework to inspire stakeholders who are planning, designing or managing urban blue spaces.

We’d like to thank Miriam Porter, Rebecca ShellockZoe Sydenham and the Plymouth Council, alongside BlueHealth researchers for collaborating on the Teats Hill Urban Acupuncture Project. The results will be available soon in a series of research articles as a reference for researchers wishing to carry out similar projects.

BlueHealth intervention at an urban beach in Teats Hill, Plymouth, UK.

BlueHealth’s urban beach intervention in Teats Hill, Plymouth, UK.

Full citation

Simon Bell, Himansu Sekhar Mishra, Lewis R. Elliott, Rebecca Shellock, Peeter Vassiljev, Miriam Porter, Zoe Sydenham and Mathew P. White. “Urban Blue Acupuncture: A Protocol for Evaluating a Complex Landscape Design Intervention to Improve Health and Wellbeing in a Coastal Community”. Sustainability 2020, 12(10), 4084; https://doi.org/10.3390/su12104084.