Work complete at Plymouth study site

Posted on: 29 May 2018 | By: Alex Smalley

Our study site in Plymouth is celebrating a recent makeover with a launch event for local families.

The blue space at Teat’s Hill in Plymouth has been remodelled with a new amphitheatre, improved play facilities and fresh planting as part of an ongoing regeneration programme across the city.

BlueHealth researchers from the Estonian University of Life Sciences and the University of Exeter have helped to plan and design the site, and worked closely with local partners as part of our community intervention study.

Dr Lewis Elliott, an Environmental Psychologist on the BlueHealth project has been part of the team working at the site and said:

“It’s fantastic to see the community involved in revamping the city’s natural environments. We’ll be speaking to nearby residents about the changes at Teats Hill and trying to find out how people might use the new space differently. We’re also excited to see how this kind of project might affect the health and wellbeing of those who live nearby.”


the unfinished circular amphitheatre at Teats Hill with construction still in process and boats and water in the background

The amphitheatre under construction

The new play area reflects its marine location and includes fun new equipment for spinning and rocking and a new sandpit with a digger. Bespoke graphics on the surface chart the journey that the Mayflower took.

The rest of the park has been re-landscaped to allow beach school sessions and family events to take place in partnership with the National Marine Aquarium and Devon Wildlife Trust.

The development sees the coming together of several different council initiatives including Hands Up for Plymouth Play and the Active Neighbourhoods Project.

Councillor Sue Dann, Cabinet member for the Environment and Street Scene, said:

“This is a special park in a special location and I’m delighted to see all the work finished. Exciting outdoor spaces are so very important, not just to children but to adults as well and I can’t wait to use this facility with my own family.”

To celebrate, the Council will be hosting an event at the park from 11am until 2pm on Friday 1st June and all are welcome to attend.

With beach games and activities, wild baking and a chance to learn about what can be done to support Plymouth’s plastics campaign, the day marks a chance for partners and residents to celebrate the new space.


the newly developed circular amphitheatre at Teats Hill with boats and water in the background

Part of the completed site.