BlueHealth animations

Posted on: 8 November 2017 | By: Alex Smalley

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Science is exciting.

It’s been responsible for changing the way we think about the world and has lead to innovations that impact every walk of life.

Yet sometimes it can seem unfamiliar, complicated and elitist. And maybe a bit boring.

We want to try and change that with BlueHealth, providing insights into this unusual and fascinating project and bringing its science to life in ways which prompt individuals to find out more.

But how do we do that with disciplines many people outside of academia may never have heard of? The methods used in fields such as Epidemiology, Evidence Synthesis and Horizon Scanning can be difficult to explain – and even harder to visualise.

One method we want to explore is the use of information graphics and animations. To kick this process off we’ve teamed up with Nick Smalley, Character Animator at MPC, to create a series of short graphics that embody our main research themes.

Nick usually works with intricate three-dimensional characters, but for this project he wanted to return to basics. Working with the concept developed for the BlueHealth logo, Nick created a ‘Blue Drop’ avatar who morphs into different scenes that embody our main areas of research.

We think the end results are a great way to introduce some of the concepts we’re working on and we’ll be featuring these animations across our outputs and on social media.

As our projects develop and we have analysis and findings to share, we’ll begin to develop a larger array of information graphics, so keep your eyes peeled for more very soon.