Ten steps to create ‘blue health’ scenarios

BlueHealth Tools

To preserve urban blue spaces for future generations, they need to be well managed and protected.

Local authorities and citizens need to understand the links between blue spaces and our health and wellbeing, to maximise the benefits of protecting them both. These links vary from city to city and can be impacted by wider global trends like global warming.

Stakeholder workshops provide insights to help map out future scenarios in a given city, including the potential risks and opportunities linked to the environment and health. This can be used to create a Scenarios Report that outlines any recommended actions to keep local citizens healthy and safe.

We created this guide to help you host a ‘blue health’ workshop for your own city, including how to write a follow-up report.  This can be used to share with your community and inform decisions made by local stakeholders, policy makers and planners.

For more information about BlueHealth Scenarios please visit the research page.

Contact Susanne Wuijts or Liesbet Dirven-van Breeman for the workshop resources listed in the download.