Glòria Carrasco is an environmental scientist specialised in epidemiology and public health.

She has extensive experience of carrying out fieldwork in support of many European projects on environmental epidemiology and health impact assessment.

Of particular relevance to BlueHealth, Glòria has worked on projects looking at the beneficial impacts of the natural environment on human health (PHENOTYPE: Positive Health Effects on the Natural Outdoor environment in TYPical populations of different regions in Europe), and on transport and physical activity (TAPAS: Transportation, Air Pollution and physical ActivitieS; an integrated health risk assessment progamme of climate change and urban policies; PASTA: Physical Activity through Sustainable Transport Approaches), as well as other Spanish projects relating broadly to epidemiology and the environment.

Her main contribution to the BlueHealth project will be organizing the fieldwork associated with the community-level interventions carried out in Barcelona. This will involve working extensively with study participants and coordinating the collection of their data.