What do you need to know about BlueHealth?

Posted on: 19 February 2020 | By: Kerri Hall

In December we asked our subscribers to complete a short survey to find out what people need to know about BlueHealth.

We received more than 80 responses, thank you to everyone who took part. The responses will help us shape our communications between now and the end of the Project in June 2020.

We will keep you up to date on Twitter and through our newsletter. You can also read the full report where Jo Garrett has summarised the survey responses in more detail.

Here’s what we found out:

  1. Around a quarter of respondents are required to visit blue spaces for work.
  2. Most respondents are interested in local or regional ‘blue health’, while researchers are also highly interested in national insights.
  3. All respondents are interested in understanding the evidence linking blue space and health.
  4. Most respondents, particularly researchers, are interested in research methodologies, implications for policy makers and guidance for preserving blue spaces.
  5. Citizens are particularly interested in workshops and public events.
  6. Healthcare professionals, planners and landscape designers are also interested in assessment tools and case studies.
  7. Environmental experts, citizens and other professionals are particularly interested in the effects of climate change.
  8. The three most popular ways that respondents access guidance, policy and research information are on social media, Google and through national government agencies.
  9. Most respondents also often check university websites and the media for this information too.
  10. Most respondents said they are ‘likely’ or ‘very likely’ to use our guidance documents, with researchers being ‘extremely likely’.

How, where and why people want to know about BlueHealth:

People tell us why BlueHealth relates to their work


Why people care about BlueHealth.

You told us about the places you are most interested in implementing BlueHealth.