The ocean effect

Posted on: 24 January 2017 | By: Alex Smalley

Many people feel an innate connection with aquatic environments. They spend their vacations near them, seek them out for rest and relaxation, and exercise in them.

Medical professionals first started prescribing seaside visits for convalescence in the 1750s, yet only recently have we begun to uncover and understand  evidence that shows blue environments can have a real effect on health and wellbeing.

Dr Lewis Elliot sat down with Coast magazine to provide an overview of what we know, what we’re still trying to find out, and how the BlueHealth research programme fits in.

He discussed the growing body of research which indicates how coastal environments could provide benefits for both physical and mental health, and outlined the importance of protecting these spaces to help maximise their impacts.

The article was released in January 2017 and you can view a pdf here.

A screen shot of the coast article with the headline 'The Ocean Effect' shown