In order to understand the drivers that affect interactions between water and health, this project is developing a series of complex scenarios.

As the 21st Century progresses, pressures from climatic change and urbanisation will impact our environments and societies in a number of ways, affecting the availability of good quality water resources during droughts and the risk of flooding, for example.

Water management in this changing environment will have significant consequences for public health – the conditions and extent of which are largely unknown.

In order to identify these drivers and their contributions to water and health, this project is developing scenarios which offer policy makers and stakeholders an insight into the health challenges and benefits posed by urban water supplies and environments.

These scenarios will include developments from the fields of demography, economy and policy, and consider social-cultural and technological influences.

They will be built in cooperation with inter-sector stakeholders from government, business (including tourism, insurance and building developers), academia, and citizens’ organisations, and will focus on a number of European cities.

Ultimately, each scenario will be embodied by a visual narrative, helping decision makers to engage and discuss the subject of urban blue environments and health.