Dr Matilda van den Bosch is a physician with a PhD in landscape planning and public health. Currently, she holds a researcher position at Lund University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Matilda is helping to lead the Virtual Realities area of research with BlueHealth and is also involved in developing the BlueHealth survey and geo-analysis of existing European public health datasets.

Her research experiences is interdisciplinary, cutting across medicine, public health, and landscape planning to explore natural environments’ impact on public health, with a focus on health promotion and climate change adaptation in cities.

Matilda works as a consultant for the WHO, the US Environmental Protection Agency and the UN Environmental Programme on topics like urban green space indicators for public health and environmental priorities for protecting health. She is president of the Swedish Society of Behavioural Medicine and president-elect of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment.

From August 2016 Matilda will begin an appointment as Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia, in the faculty of Medicine.