Professor Cornelis Johannes (Kees) van Leeuwen is a principal scientist at KWR Watercycle Research Institute (Nieuwegein) and a professor in water management and urban development at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University (the Netherlands).

His research is focused on the sustainability of urban water cycle services in cities. He studied biology (ecology and toxicology) and published more than 200 reports and publications and 2 editions of a book on Risk Assessment of Chemicals.

Kees began his career in water pollution research and later developed his expertise in science-policy advice and management, with a gradual transition from national to international level. He worked at the European Commission as Director at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Italy. From 1992-2007 he held a part-time professorship in Biological Toxicology (environmental risk assessment) at the UU. Between 1980 and 2001 he worked in three Dutch Ministries on water, chemicals, health and the environment.

He enjoys the challenge of managing complex multi-stakeholder processes in the science-policy interface in areas such chemicals, health and the environment. He has a track-record of putting science into regulatory practice. He has been member of various policy and expert groups in the International Rhine Committee, European Commission, OECD, UN, and the European chemical industry. Currently he coordinates the City Blueprint Action Group of the European Commission.

Kees is member of the BlueHealth External Advisory Board.