Professor Ingmar Ott is the head of the Centre for Limnology at the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

Ingmar has over 30 years of experience in hydrobiology, ecology and algology. He was awarded his PhD from the Tartu State University in 1987 and since that time worked as a lecturer and associate professor at the Institute of Zoology and Hydrobiology at Tartu University, and as a senior researcher and the head of the chair in applied biology.

He has been a principal investigator in many international and national projects relating to the aquatic environment since the early 1990s. In 2007, Ingmar was presented with Scientific Award of the Estonian Republic.

In the BlueHealth project, Ingmar is developing a tool for assessing environmental quality in blue spaces, in terms of ecology and aquatic aspects. This tool is being developed as both an expert version as well a version that can be used by citizens to evaluate the environmental quality of an aquatic site.