Professor Hilary Graham is a public health researcher with a background in sociology and social policy. She is Professor of Health Science at the University of York.

Hilary has a track-record of research on social inequalities in health, with a particular focus on cigarette smoking and other health-related behaviours. She also conducts research in the connections between public health (the health of current and future populations) and the biophysical environment (the health of the planet).

Professor Graham was Director of the ESRC Health Variations Programme (1996-2001), which investigated the links between social and health inequalities, and Director of the DH Public Health Research Consortium (2005-11), which focused on interventions to improve health and tackle health inequalities.

She is also a member of the Cancer Research UK Prevention Research sub-committee and the NHS Sustainable Development Unit Research and Implementation Advisory Group.  She is a member of the Lancet Commission on Health and Climate Change, and contributed to Commission’s 2015 report around public engagement and policy change.

Hilary is a member of the BlueHealth External Advisory Board.